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Gilfeather Turnip

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Gilfeather Turnip is the official Vermont state vegetable. It was first cultivated by John Gilfeather in the early 1900s at a farm on Gilfeather Road in Wardsboro, VT. Gilfeather was a secretive man. He wouldn’t say how he originally grew this unique turnip and went to great lengths to make sure he was the only one who could grow them.

Bulky and softball-sized, the ‘Gilfeather’ grows to look like a rutabaga. However, rather than the traditional yellowish color of rutabagas, the flesh of the vegetable is white like a turnip. The ‘Gilfeather’ conspicuously lacks the expected “bite” of a turnip or rutabaga; instead, its taste is mild, sweet, and delightfully creamy. When officially tested, the University of Vermont claimed that the ‘Gilfeather’ is indeed genetically a turnip.

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