The Darby Farm has been providing agricultural products to its neighbors for over 200 years.

In 1800, Johnathon Darby a resident of Halfmoon, New York traveled by ox cart to the shores of Lake Champlain. In Whitehall, New York he boarded a barge with his family and traveled to the west shores of Alburgh. He obtained a land grant, settled just north of town and took up occupation as a farmer and wheelright. This farm, The Darby Farm, has descended down the Darby Family as such from father to son with each new generation leaving a special mark of its own.

Alan Darby (Heather’s father) and Arthur Darby (grandfather) carried in the long tradition of dairy farming in Vermont. Aubrey Darby (great grandfather) raised sheep and had the 2nd largest apiary in Vermont. Ransom Darby (great great grandfather), George Darby (great great great grandfather), Jonathan were all diversified farmers raising a diversity of livestock and crops on the farm. In 2003, history took a turn and the Darby Family farm was for the first time passed from father to daughter.

In 2003, Heather Darby & Ron Hermann became the seventh generation to farm this productive land in the Lake Champlain Islands. Their 130 acre diversified farm produces a wide array of vegetables and fruit. Organic strawberries are a must have in June. The vast list of vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and squash can all be found at the farm’s roadside produce stand.

In addition, Heather has followed the legacy of Aubrey Darby and has started a small apiary on the farm. Heather’s workers pollinate the vegetables and fruit on the farm. They also collect sweet nectar from all the flowers in the pastures and woodlands. This combination of diverse nectar makes a sweet unique honey.

The farm also operates a custom grazing service for local organic dairies in the area. Each summer a herd of 80 dairy cattle come to graze the lush pasture at Darby Farm. They rotationally graze from pasture to pasture from May to November.